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Rakaia Vets: VetEnt  Rakaia

Innovative Vets in Rakaia

Working in tandem with our Riverside vets, our Rakaia clinic sits amongst intense dairy country where herd sizes reach over 3,000 cows, with some sheep and beef farms within the area also. 

Whilst the clinic is mainly large animal vets, Rakaia VetEnt also have a comprehensive small animal department and our vets in Rakaia regularly hold small animal clinics.

The Rakaia vet clinic also stocks a full range of dairy-related products and prescription drugs to service local dairy farms. Sheep drenches, lambing supplies and calf rearing products are also stocked there.



FarmServices Web

Farm services

Working with our Ashburton vets, we are able to offer a wide range of large animal services. Our vets specialise in a number of areas and have a diverse range of expertise to provide the best service possible to you. Farm services include:  

PetServices Web

Pet Services

Our pet vets in Rakaia are experts in listening, advising and supporting optimal animal healthcare for your pets. We believe that animal care is not just about building a great relationship with your local pet vet; animal care is about your understanding of your pet’s health.

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About VetEnt

Our nationwide vet NZ team share our people, ideas and knowledge between clinics to provide high-value services and impress our clients. Established in 1991, the VetEnt parent company now comprises a family of companies.

Farm services 

Areas of service and expertise with production animals include:

  • Dairy reproductive services including 42-day pregnancy testing, accurate aging of pregnancies, analysis of results, investigation and resolution of problems, routine non-cycler and synchronisation services (male)
  • Bull and ram testing
  • Mastitis control including grade-busting whole-herd paddling, full analysis and reporting on solutions, treatment recommendations
  • Cow lameness treatment and prevention – we’re a member of the Healthy Hoof Programme
  • Preventative vaccination programmes for leptospirosis, bovine virus diarrhoea (BVD), rotavirus, toxoplasmosis, campylobacter and yersiniosis, including testing, eradication and vaccination
  • Milk quality problem solving, cell count analysis, bacteriology, treatment recommendation and supply
  • Anthelmintic resistance monitoring – FEC testing, analysis, product recommendation and product supply
  • Advice on mineral supplementation programmes
  • Farm dog vaccination, health checks, orthopaedic surgery, nutritional advice and product supply 

Pet Services

Pet Veterinary Services at Rakaia:

  • Consultations including skin, chest, renal, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal and neurological conditions
  • Vaccinations
  • Companion animal health checks
  • Diet planning and small animal food requirements
  • General pet accessory merchandising
  • Food product for companion animals and pet accessory merchandising is available in our large showroom area
  • Emergency 24-hour service available


5 Reasons To Choose VetEnt

Local Vets

VetEnt clinics are operated by locals in tune with your local conditions. Our vets tailor their approach to the needs of your animals, your environment and your budget.

Nationwide Support

The combined purchasing power of the VetEnt group and over 25 clinics brings you product availability even in times of short supply.


Pop into your nearby clinic for science based pet food. Get helpful advice on worming, flea treatment and vaccination to keep your pet or herd in optimal condition

People Power

Our nationwide team of friendly, professional vets share knowledge between clinics, to bring you the latest in locally ­tested veterinary science

Responsive Service

We're there when you need it. Have peace of mind knowing vet services are only a phone call away, with emergency vets available around the clock


Keep doing what you’re doing, great service. Friendly, welcoming staff who always manage to get us supplies from their Ashburton clinic for when we need it.  

Meet our Team

Meet the team

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VetEnt Vets are not only great with animals; they’re great with people too! You’ll find our Vets with their sleeves rolled up, working alongside rural communities throughout New Zealand, listening, advising and supporting optimal animal health in both livestock and pets.

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For emergencies or urgent appointments within the next 24 hours, please phone the clinic directly.
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VetEnt Rakaia 
Ph +64 3 302 7931
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Clinic Coordinator: Rachael MacGregor
74 Elizabeth Avenue, Rakaia, 7710

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