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Have you got a pawsome pet pawtrait you want to share? 

It's time to shine the spotlight on your pawsome pet!

Entries for our 2023 Pet Calendar Photo Competition are now open.

Simply snap and share your most puurfect pet photo, before midnight 30th June 2022, for the chance to take out bragging rights that you have a 2023 Pet Calendar super star .

Our esteemed judges will select from all entries received, 1 Cover star + 12 Pet of the Month stars.  

The 13 lucky winners will each receive a $100 VetEnt Voucher and 5 copies of the VetEnt 2023 Pet Calendar. 



See below for Photo Taking Tips

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For inspiration, below are this year's calendar stars.


Photo Taking Tips

Capture a pawsome pet pawtrait with these top tips…

  1. Make sure your pet is the focus of the photograph. Pets are the stars here – the spotlight is on them!
  2. Highlight your pet's character and the essence that makes them special. A successful photo is one that visually brings to life the character of its subject.
  3. Ensure your pet feels comfortable and at ease. Instead of getting your pet to come to you, go to them. Try getting  down to their level and take the pic from your pet's eye level or below.
  4. Use treats (in moderation) and toys to your advantage. If you’re working with a camera-shy pet, try using treats and toys to get their attention. Dangling a feather toy close to the camera can work well for cats, while dogs are generally more treat or reward driven. Think about your own pet’s favourite things and how these can assist while taking their pic.   
  5. Get creative with angles. Explore different ways to photograph your pet – up high, down low, look to create a unique perspective.
  6. Think about your lighting. Avoid shooting directly into the sun and watch out for shadows sneaking across your shot. If you are photographing indoors, make sure the room is well lit, ideally natural light.
  7. Get outdoors. Not only will the light be better, but most pets also tend to perk up when they’re outside. For best results, aim to shoot on an overcast day, or when the sun is low in the sky.
  8. Consider the background. While your pet should be the focus of the photograph, try to choose a background that compliments the composition. Avoid crowded or messy spaces, as well as anything that will distract from the focus.
  9. Keep your camera as still as possible, minimising any shaking, which can disturb your shot. If you have access to a tripod, use it to assist with stability.
  10. Have fun! Enjoy bonding with your pet while you work together to capture the most pawsome picture possible.