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Whether you have had your dog for ages or just adopted a kitten, our pet vets are at hand. From routine check-ups, fun flea facts and info on vaccination to emergencies – your local VetEnt vet clinic is available 24/7. Find out how to keep your pet in top health with a range of pet services.

Sheep + Beef

Your cattle and sheep deserve only the best, most innovative vet services. Discover VetEnt’s automated annual health planners and best-practice benchmarking! Drench testing, liver biopsies, scanning and ill-thrift investigations – you name it, our vets can do it. Of course we’re also at hand to check common symptoms.

veterinary clinic
veterinary clinic


Our dairy vets are experts when it comes to biopsies, scanning and ill-thrift investigations. VetEnt also offers innovative vet programmes, such as performance tracking software and condition monitoring of heifer grazing off-farm. Use our mastitis control programme to improve bulk milk somatic cell count by 30%!

Seasonal Tips -   Autumn


  • Review and refine your Mastitis Control Strategy during a Dry Cow Consultation.
  • Do your animals have the Trace Element levels they need to perform through next season? Check with your vet about the differences between cull cow livers samples at the works vs. liver biopsies on farm. Your vet can help you decide which is best for you and your farm situation. 
  • Animal health plan for calves, heifers and cows over winter – minerals, drenches, vaccinations, body condition scores. Chat to your vet about how to they can assist your animals to stay healthy and happy over winter and in-shape to perform next season. 


  • Pregnancy Testing Beef cows: Cattle scanning is well underway, book in with us today to get your preferred time slot. Remember cows must have been away from the bull for at least 6 weeks, but if you want the pregnancies aged they must not be older than 14 weeks.
  • Ewe pre-mating vaccines: Ensure maiden ewes have received their two campylobacter vaccinations and their toxoplasma vaccination, which the latter being no closer than 4 weeks prior to mating. It is reccomended that all ewes receive a booster of campylobacter vaccine annually to ensure the best possible immunity in your flock.
  • Ewe pre-mating trace elements: Iodine and Selenium are important for optimal reproductive performance in your ewe flock. Ensure ewes get supplemented prior to mating.
  • Rams: Don't forget the boys! Ram palpations are a MUST, if you haven't had them done already book them in asap to sort out any issues before mating. This is also a good time to ensure any 5-in-1 vaccinations, drenching(if required), ectoparasite control and trace element supplementations are up to date in your ram flock.
  • Beef cattle trace elements: Do your cattle have the trace element levels they need to perform through next season? Book in your pre-winter liver biopsies today to ensure neither growth nor reproductive performance suffers as a result of an easy fix!


  • PetFirst is our new membership programme for cats and dogs which provides an afforable solution to exceptional care for your family pet. It's a monthly plan and includes vaccinations, unlimited consultations, great discounts on services and products, plus much more. Read more about PetFirst and how to sign up
  • Dental health is very important for your pet, and good dental hygiene can help your pet live a longer, happier life. Your VetEnt team offer FREE dental checks, just call the clinic to book.  
  • Are your pets up-to-date with their vaccinations and flea/worm treatments? Making sure your pet's preventative care is on track for the year is a good thing to get sorted now, with the summer rush behind us.  
  • Autumn brings colder weather with it. It's impoartant to make sure your pets have good protection from the weather, and comfortable bedding. If you have a pet over 7 years of age, they will feel the cold more easily and it's a good idea to check they're as comfortable as possible with a check-up at the vet - arthritis is very common, but very manageable with the right treatment.



VetEnt offers great career opportunities and development to all our staff and is a proud supporter of diversity and equality. We place great importance on recruitment policies, training and development programs whilst fostering a supportive culture to ensure that all employees enjoy the opportunity to succeed.


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