PureMilk Mastitis Consultants 

Mastitis control including mastitis treatment and recognition of mastitis symptoms remains a critical part of seasonal dairy herd production. Don’t take a gamble! 

Mastitis is the most expensive disease faced by most dairy farmers. Good mastitis control is a critical part of seasonal dairy herd production. 

Every treated cow eats into your net profit, but with PureMilk’s mastitis programme, your cows are in safe hands. Over the years a programme has been developed for mastitis control specifically targeted at reducing somatic cell counts and clinical mastitis incidence. 

To date PureMilk’s mastitis experts have completed hundreds of visits throughout New Zealand with astounding success. This is achieved by analysing the complex interaction between the milking machine and your cows. We assess your milking machine during milking to ensure optimal milking machine performance so your cows are milked efficiently while reducing the risk of mastitis. 

The PureMilk mastitis consultants deliver a plan for mastitis treatment and prevention, with guaranteed results. You gain the wisdom from the consultants' years of experience with milking machines and mastitis to assess key mastitis risk factors including; the milking machine set up, cluster vacuum, pulsation rate and ratio, liner design, milk out, teat end damage, cluster alignment and teat spray coverage and consistency. 

PureMilk's mastitis programme involves two visits - the first to assess the mastitis risk and recommend changes; the second to ensure the changes are effective. 

Visit 1 

Mastitis risk assessment; a 3 hour milking time visit plus follow-up. It includes: 

  • Dynamic measurements of milking machine function throughout the milking ; including pulsation and vacuum settings, liner suitability, cluster alignment, milk flow parameters. 

  • Assessing the cow mastitis risk including teat condition, teat end damage, milk –out and cup slip. 

  • Staff interactions with the cows that may increase the mastitis risk. 

  • Discussion of the findings with the management and staff at the end of the milking to ensure staff understand the key mastitis risk issues and recommendations. 

  • A written report detailing the recommendations. 

  • Follow-up with your milking machine technicians as required. 

Head to the PureMilk website to find out more.  

Visit 2 

Approximately 1 month later a revisit allows a review of the changes made and the effect on the cows and mastitis levels, after treatment. 

Mastitis is a costly disease so your staff need to be educated. If appropriate, PureMilk consultants can provide on-farm staff education and mastitis treatment workshops to help you achieve the goals and targets that are identified during the visit. Prevention is better than cure, but training includes early detection of mastitis symptoms. Furthermore, your farm will be enrolled in Infovet, which enables us to monitor the bulk milk somatic cell count of the herd, and other aspects of mastitis that will alert us to any emerging problem.  

If you feel there is room for improvement in the level of mastitis in your herd and you want to be part of the PureMilk success story, get in touch with us.