Metricheck cows

Metrichecking identifies cows with endometritis - a condition that is economically important on dairy farms. 


Metrichecking is a veterinary procedure to identify cows that have endometritis. Identification of these animals allows for treatment before the commencement of mating in order to improve the reproductive performance of the herd which means an extra 14 – 20 days in milk per cow treated the next lactation.

At-Risk Cows

The current recommendation is to check all at-risk cows. These cows can be 10% of the herd or higher. The following cows are at risk of having endometritis – any cow that has:

  1. Been induced
  2. Had a difficult calving
  3. Had twins
  4. Had milk fever
  5. Had retained foetal membranes
  6. Had a dead calf at or within 24 hours of calving
  7. A vulval discharge diagnosed greater than 7 days after calving

What is the Process?

The process involves a veterinary visit where at-risk cows are examined using a metricheck device which scoops discharge from the anterior vagina. Depending on the appearance of this discharge, a cow is diagnosed as having endometritis or not. If the cow has endometritis the treatment is to uses Metricure which is deposited through the cervix into the uterus. There is no milk withholding period for Metricure.

What Does Endometritis Cost?

New Zealand studies have shown that cows with endometritis have:

  1. 10 – 30% higher empty rate
  2. If they do conceive they are 2 – 3 weeks later in doing so
  3. The total cost of endometritis in a 250 herd is $7100 - $8500.



Appropriate treatment can result in very significant cost benefits through

  1. Extra days in milk
  2. Fewer empties
  3. More AB calves
  4. Less wasted semen
  5. Fewer inductions
  6. Recent studies in New Zealand and Australia have shown dirty cows can conceive 2 to 3 weeks earlier and their empty rates can be reduced

Booking a Herd for Metrichecking

Because Metrichecking can involve examining 10% of the herd or more, the visit should be planned as far ahead of the visit as possible. Contact your local VetEnt branch and book this work in.

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