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Whether you had your dog for ages or just adopted a kitten, our pet vets are at hand. From routine check-ups, fun flea facts and info on vaccination to emergencies – your local VetEnt vet clinic is available 24/7. Find out how to keep your pet in top health with a range of pet services.

Sheep + Beef

Your cattle and sheep deserve only the best, most innovative vet services. Discover VetEnt’s automated annual health planners and best-practice benchmarking! Drench testing, liver biopsies, scanning and ill-thrift investigations – you name it, our vets can do it. Of course we’re also at hand to check common symptoms.

Sheep and Beef


Our dairy vets are experts when it comes to biopsies, scanning and ill-thrift investigations. VetEnt also offers innovative vet programmes, such as performance tracking software and condition monitoring of heifer grazing off-farm. Use our mastitis control programme to improve bulk milk somatic cell count by 30%!

Monthly tip

Sheep & Beef Farmers

  • Remember that breeding bulls need an annual booster of their BVD vaccine. 

  • Ensure you book in a grass staggers assessment for your herd, contact your local clinic to arrange this.

  • Watch your young stock for any sign of worms.

Dairy Farmers

  • Start thinking about metrichecking your herd pre mating. Dirty cows can have a huge impact on in calf rates and MT rates.

  • Are your cows on track to meet their body condition score target for mating? Our vets can help with body condition scoring them prior to mating.

  • Pre mating trace element testing needs to be on your radar to make sure the cows are in tip top shape for mating.

  • Keep an eye out for any dull, pale or lethargic cows, Theileria is still floating around and typically crops up in times of high stress, such as around calving and mating time.

Pet Owners

Spring time brings the influx of fleas in our homes and gardens. Eggs that may have been dormant over the winter months start to hatch and fleas multiply. Make sure you have all the furry members of your family covered for fleas with a trustworthy, easy to apply product like Frontline Plus or Revolution. For those animals who applying a topical preparation is difficult there is new NextGuard a flavoured chewable tablet that offers excellent flea control.

Spring is time when cats start fighting and hormones are flying- make sure your pet is neutered so you don't end up with unwanted kittens or disease such as FIV, transferred in cat fights. If your cat does end up in a cat flight- make sure you get them into your closest VetEnt clinic quickly to save the bite becoming an abscess.


With the support of over 85 VetEnt vets nationwide, we provide excellent mentoring and graduate support programmes, continuing education provisions and opportunities to share experiences & knowledge with the wider organisation. If you are an excellent team player who is highly motivated, willing to learn, and committed to providing outstanding service to our clients, then we want to hear from you!”


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  • There are two different types of bloat in cattle: free gas bloat and frothy bloat. Free gas bloat is caused by build up of gas and can occur if there is a blockage, such as a stray turnip, or if there ...

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