The Importance of Neutering your Cat

During the summer months all over New Zealand we can expect thousands of unwanted kittens and cats to turn up at vets, the SPCA, and other welfare organizations. We need to help these animals first that don’t have homes before we even consider bringing more into the world.  

How old can my cat become pregnant? 

Both male and female cats reach puberty at approximately 5 months of age; however this can be influenced by the environment. For example, we are beginning to see kittens as young as 4 ½ months coming onto heat.

How will I know if my cat is on heat?

Female cats may become more affectionate, crouch on the ground with their bottom in the air and more noticeably they can be very vocal and meow a lot. Male cats are generally less distinctive when they’re ready to mate with a female however they may begin to spray urine, roam more and mark their territory.

Why should I get my cat neutered?

During a single summer one female cat is able to produce at least three litters of 4-5 kittens each time.  They can become pregnant while still feeding the last litter of kittens. That’s a lot of kittens to find homes for and a lot of mouths to feed! Many people don’t realize that these kittens if re-homed can then grow up to have the same amount of kittens - it is a viscous cycle that we need to break. There are so many kittens already that need homes from cats getting pregnant accidentally – so don’t contribute and get your cat neutered!

How old should my cat be before getting neutered?

We usually neuter female and male cats at about 6 months, but can do earlier from 4 -5 months if you are concerned your cat might be pregnant, in heat or getting females pregnant. If you have a male cat – be responsible and don’t let him wander the neighbourhood getting the girls pregnant.  Remember a cat is for life and if you do rehome a kitten or take on a cat you need to be aware that animals do cost, and be prepared to pay to have them neutered and looked after.

Each year at VetEnt we are getting more and more kittens dumped at our clinics. Those that we can’t find homes for will have to be euthanased. 

Please phone your nearest VetEnt clinic to book your pet in to be neutered and help us break the cycle of unwanted kittens this summer.