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VetEnt Deer Services

A full range of services to deer clients is offered by VetEnt. From the early days of deer capture to the sophisticated deer farming operations that now exist, VetEnt provides service to deer farmers. 


Types of Service

A full range of services is provided, including:


Emergencies and Sick Animals

  • Emergencies such as injuries and fawnings.
  • Normal service to sick animals.


Tb Testing

  • Tb testing of deer. The deer Tb testing programme differs from the cattle programme in that the farmer pays, not the industry. All clinics have access to qualified Tb testers for deer (veterinarians and technicians).


Johne's Control

At VetEnt we have JML accredited Veterinary Consultants to assist with Johne's control.


Antler Removal

  • Develveting. Humane develveting and monitoring of recovery is provided by our team of veterinarians.
  • Accreditation of farmer antler removal.


Pregnancy Scanning

  • Pregnancy scanning using the most up to date equipment.


Herd Performance

  • Herd performance investigation, monitoring and consultancy services through StockCARE


Preventative Medicine

  • Facial eczema management.
  • Trace element testing/planning.
  • Worm management and drench testing.
  • Animal health planning.
  • Vaccinations against a number of diseases, including Yersinia, and others.


Contact your local VetEnt clinic to find out more about service to deers farms, or to enquire about Tb testing.