With the dry dusty conditions and the early emergence of flies, we have seen a number of significant Pink Eye outbreaks in cows and heifers.Please remain vigilant for weepy/runny eyes as this is often the first sign. Discharge from eyes may be difficult to pick up on, especially if the bad eye is on the wrong side of the person at cups on. All staff will need to look out for these signs. Pink eye is painful and aggressive. If simple treatment is delayed eye removal can quickly become the only option.

Orbenin eye ointment applied to both eyes for a minimum of 3 days is generally enough to treat uncomplicated cases of pink eye. This has no milk or meat withhold. Other options for treatment of more complicated cases, such as ulcers and cloudy eyes, include injectable antibiotics and pain relief, third eyelid flaps and eye removals. If you have any concerns about the appropriate treatment of a cow with pinkeye, take a photo and send it to your vet.

22 December 2015, 03:18