VetEnt Research operates as a separate division within the VetEnt and undertakes independent research within the agricultural and companion animal sectors as well as contract design, disease modelling and statistical analysis.

We are experienced in undertaking research relevant to dairy, sheep and beef, goats and companion animals. Projects can range from small pilot studies to large scale investigative studies, observational or clinical. Projects can be technical or applied. Whether studies are externally or internally initiated, we have the ability to complete studies to GCP standard.

Our specialty is the organisation and implementation of multi-site projects and the replication of the same project across a number of farms throughout New Zealand. Research can be designed from inception and customised protocols can be developed. Farms and trained personnel are easily accessible and can be organised for a pre-designed study or one that we have designed with the funder. We have the ability to complete high level epidemiological and statistical analysis and prepare reports to a standard required for publishing in peer-review journals. Recently we have expanded our capabilities into disease modelling, large data and spatial modelling. 


Why Are We Different?

1.    We are made up of an experienced team of three epidemiologists and three research technicians. We give everything a go and no job is too small or too large! We are a vibrant and dynamic team that love what we do and are always seeking a good challenge! Obsessed with studying we always have degrees or further qualifications on the go to keep us relevant and highly skilled. 

2.    We operate as a division within the largest large animal veterinary group within New Zealand. This allows us to have a national network of both farmers, pet owners and industry relationships at our finger tips. As members of our team routinely work along-side farmers and pet-owners, we have “on the ground” connections to all levels of the industry.

3.    We access the group’s large pool of experienced technicians and veterinarians which gives us flexibility but does not compromise our attention to strict compliance and training. This allows us to run efficient research programmes to any scale with competitive pricing, completed to a high good clinical practice (GCP) standard.

4.    We LOVE working with others, it is the best part of our job. You will regularly see us working alongside Massey University, Melbourne University, laboratories, DairyNZ and more. 


Our Team

Emma Cuttance BVSc, MVS (epi), PhD

Emma is both a vet and epidemiologist and has worked with VetEnt since 2007. She completed her masters degree in facial eczema management and a PhD on Failure of transfer of passive immunity  in Dairy calves. Emma leads the VetEnt Research team and her key areas of expertise are in developing research ideas, bringing multiple expertise together, developing protocols, setting up trial logistics, managing the trials, reporting and publishing. Emma is a very experienced and well received presenter. She has led many large scale national trials and approaches research with infectious enthusiasm. 


Winston Mason BVSc, MVS (epi) MANZCVS (epi)

Previously working as a dairy cattle veterinarian both in New Zealand and the UK, Winston Mason has been an epidemiologist with VetEnt since 2012. Having recently completed his membership to the Australian and New Zealand college of veterinary scientists in epidemiology it is no secret that Winston’s speciality is all things epidemiology. His key areas of expertise are in study design, high level statistical analysis, disease modelling and spatial analysis, publishing, using graphs to communicate data and extension of research “on the ground” to farmers and veterinarians. His main topics of expertise are cattle lameness and facial eczema and is currently doing his PhD on dairy cattle lameness.


Greg Chambers BVSc, MVS (epi)

Greg is our newest member of the team, starting mid 2021. With 10 years of dairy clinical practice and 10 years of working in the veterinary team at Zoetis, the last three years of which he was the field vet team manager and served on the Zoetis Leadership team, he brings a rich skill set to our team. Greg completed a Masters degree and researched the efficacy and economic return of phantom cow intervention in New Zealand dairy cows. Greg is excited by innovation and improvement and is particularly interested in mastitis, reproduction, immunology, as well epidemiology in general. He is currently learning all about sheep milking and is setting up a PhD project on mastitis of New Zealand milking sheep.


Want to know more?

Contact us on or call (07) 872 0240 and ask for Emma Cuttance.